Austen Kroll Just Spilled Some Major Tea About the Southern Charm Cast

The stakes are high when the Charleston beer connoisseur reveals just how well he knows his friends.

How well does Austen Kroll know his Charleston friends? He wasn't a Southern Charmer until Season 4, but The Daily Dish put him to the test with a quiz about his homies, with high stakes — he could drink good, expensive beer with every right answer and cheap, nasty beer with each wrong guess.

We weren't about to go easy on him, either. Like, does he know which seasons of The Great Race and Survivor that Shep Rose and Chelsea Meissner were on, respectively? Does he know how many times Patricia Altschul has been betrothed or the ages of Kathryn C. Dennis' two children? How about which Southern Charm buddy hasn't actually hooked up with someone in the group? (That's a particularly hard one!)

The stakes are high, and Austen definitely doesn't want to mess this up. Watch the video above to see how he does! -Reporting by Jocelyn Vena

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