Kate Chastain Tries Rocky's Grenadine and Oyster Concoction for Herself

"It's like a chemical reaction of badness," said the #BelowDeck chief stew.

Serving oysters with grenadine after stepping in as chef when Leon Walker got the boot may have been one of the more, shall we say, eccentric things Raquel "Rocky" Dakota has done this season of Below Deck. Though Rocky actually has an impressive culinary background, neither the charter guests nor the crewmembers were feeling her creative dish.

But never say that Below Deck's Chief Stew Kate Chastain isn't one to put her money where her mouth is. Kate recently tried Rocky's grenadine and oyster monstrosity IRL, and it went about as well as you'd expect.

For starters, the server that brought out the dish apparently told Kate, "I think this is a very bad idea." Then, Kate said, "I'm scared" right before she slurped down the fishy and fruity mixture, although it looked like it was a struggle.

So what was the verdict? "It's like a chemical reaction of badness," Kate said of the dish. But really, her face at the end of the clip below says it all.

Watch Rocky's full dinner prep from Below Deck in the clip above. 

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