10 Most Jaw-Dropping Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Moments of 2017

Prepare to pick your mouth up off the floor all over again.

Ready or not (or really ready), 2017 is almost over. And oh, what a year it's been. 

Of course, there was no shortage of jaw-dropping, headline-grabbing moments that made us laugh, cry, and scratch our heads this year. As always, many of those came from the celebs who passed through the Clubhouse because they always come to Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen prepared to spill some tea, and you better believe we are sipping up every last drop.

So which WWHL gossip from 2017 was so hot, we're still feeling the burn? Relive all of the juiciest tidbits, below.

1.  One Friends Guest Star Did What?!

Watch What Happens Live
Lisa Kudrow on a Bad ‘Friends’ Guest Star
A WWHL caller asks actress Lisa Kudrow which “Friends” guest star behaved the worst on set and Lisa shares a story of an unnamed actor who said something inappropriate about her.

There have been so many unforgettable guest stars during Friends' 10 seasons  — and just as many memorable guest star encounters for the sitcom's cast. Lisa Kudrow filled WWHL viewers in on the worst behavior she ever saw from a Friends guest star when she appeared on the show in March, and it had the whole Clubhouse gasping. Find out all about this guest star's "bad behavior" in the video, above.

2.  Ray Liotta Blows Up Jennifer Lopez's Spot

Watch What Happens Live
Will Ray Liotta Plead the Fifth?
Actor Ray Liotta plays Plead the Fifth with a twist -- for every question he doesn’t answer, Andy Cohen will ask actress Jennifer Lopez a question and Ray names the most overrated actor in the 80s and 90s.

2016 was a very different time. Back then, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez had yet to start dating. Lopez was even rumored to have started a romance with Drake

One person who certainly seemed to be keeping tabs on Lopez's love life was her Shades of Blue co-star Ray Liotta, who joked about her rumored relationship with Champagne Papi during the zaniest round of Plead the Fifth ever on WWHL in March. You need to see Lopez's reaction in the video, above.

3.  Patti LuPone Majorly Shades Madonna

Watch What Happens Live
Patti LuPone Calls Madonna a ‘Movie Killer’
Broadway actress Patti LuPone doesn’t hold back about what she thinks of singer Madonna’s acting skills calling her a “movie killer” after Andy Cohen asks her what she thought of the Madonna’s role in “Evita.”

We'll just let Patti LuPone's teardown of Madonna's acting skills from May speak for itself in the above clip.

4.  Goldie Hawn Spills All of Her Famous Kids' Secrets

Watch What Happens Live
Goldie Hawn on Kate Hudson & Nick Jonas’ Romance
Actress Goldie Hawn dishes on the romance that occurred between daughter Kate Hudson and singer Nick Jonas saying what she really thought about them dating and if she ever cooked for Nick.

It's true: Even celebrity moms love to embarrass their kids. That's exactly what Goldie Hawn did when she appeared on WWHL in May. The Hollywood legend gave us all the dirt on her famous offspring, including daughter Kate Hudson's brief romance with Nick Jonas and son Oliver Hudson's, uh, penis size. Press play on the above video, and prepare to squirm (especially if you're Kate or Oliver Hudson).

5.  Kim Kardashian Reveals the Truth About Her Relationship with Paris Hilton

Watch What Happens Live
After Show: Kim Kardashian West’s Personal Life
During the After Show, Andy Cohen asks Kim Kardashian West a well-rounded set of questions about her life including how many salads she eats per day and if any rumors bother her.

Of all the bombshells that Kim Kardashian dropped during WWHL's week in Los Angeles in May (and trust us, there were many), the revelation that we've all mislabeled her past relationship with Paris Hilton (clip above) is one that still keeps us up at night to this day.

6.  Zoe Kravitz Confirms a Celebrity Feud

Watch What Happens Live
Zoe Kravitz on the Charlize Theron & Tom Hardy Feud
Actress Zoe Kravitz addresses the rumor that actors Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy had a feud on the set of “Mad Max: Fury Road” and says if she ever witnessed tension between the two stars.

You often hear about on-set feuds, but they're rarely ever confirmed. Thankfully, there are people like Zoe Kravitz in the world who will always tell it like it is. Find out which two of Kravitz's former co-stars "didn't get along," above.

7.  We Saw a Very Different Kim Fields on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Watch What Happens Live
Queen Latifah on Kim Fields as a Housewife
Actress Queen Latifah gives her take on past castmate Kim Fields’ appearance as a ‘Wife on #RHOA saying that the Kim she knew would have had a different attitude.

Just when you think you know someone, Queen Latifah spills some major tea. Queen Latifah shared on WWHL in July that we saw "a whole different Kim Fields" on Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta than the actress she knew on Living Single. Consider our minds blown. Get the scoop in the video, above.

8.  Lance Armstrong Once Dated a Real Housewife

Watch What Happens Live
Cary Dishes on Dating Lance Armstrong
During a game #RHOD’s Cary Deuber, Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman take turns answering questions about each other and Cary details her relationship with Lance Armstrong post Sheryl Crow.

And you won't believe where they once got it on (clip above).

9.  Pink's Feud with Christina Aguilera was Even More Intense Than We Thought

Watch What Happens Live
Pink Addresses the Christina Aguilera Beef
During a round of Plead the Fifth, singer Pink is asked about her former longstanding feud with fellow “Lady Marmalade” singer Christina Aguilera and Pink drops some details on how bad it got.

Pink and Christina Aguilera officially ended their feud after reuniting on The Voice in 2016, which is good for many reasons, including the fact that things once got physical between the two divas. Watch Pink reflect on their years-long beef during a round of Plead the Fifth, above.

10.  Shep Rose Once Hooked Up with a Fellow Bravo Star

Watch What Happens Live
Shep Rose’s ‘Summer House’ Hookup
Stassi Schroeder from #PumpRules and Shep Rose from #SouthernCharm are asked if they’ve ever hooked up with a cast member from another Bravo show and Shep shares that he has and with whom.

And no, she's not a member of the Southern Charm crew.

Bid 2017 a fond farewell by checking out some more end-of-the-year fun in the Clubhouse, below.

Watch What Happens Live
Bravowood Squares: Holiday Edition!
During this holiday-themed Bravowood Squares, actor Jamie Bell and Jeff Lewis from #FlippingOut compete to see who knows the most about holiday facts.
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