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Eight Years Later Beyoncé and Jay Z Are Still The Couple of Our Dreams

The power couple are still going strong.

Beyoncé and Jay Z are celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary today. 

The powerhouse duo have had their public ups and downs, but have remained together in music and in love. 

The two wed in a secret TriBeCa rooftop ceremony on April 4, 2008. 

"[4 has been] my favorite number since I was a kid," Beyonce has said. "It's the number of my birthday, September 4, my mother's birthday, January 4, my husband's birthday, December 4 [and] it's the anniversary of my wedding."

The couple even spell their daughter Blue Ivy’s name with Roman numerals, IV. Both Bey and Jay have the number tattooed on their ring fingers. 

The duo, worth more than $790 million combined, are going strong.

“[Jay’s] taught me so much about being an artist, not a musician, but an artist and fighting for what I believe and having my standards," Beyonce said in her 2013 Life Is But a Dream documentary. 

Last summer rumors of marital strife surrounded the couple as they toured together for the On The Run tour. 

Here are some of their cutest moments as a family.

The couple in their finest.

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Beyonce with Blue Ivy.

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Kisisng on vacation.

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Happy and hugging.

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Jay's a good daddy.

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Perfectly stylish.

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Flower girls.

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On a boat.

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