Beyoncé's Latest Viral Moment Proves She's the Only Celebrity with the Power to Break the Internet

Sorry, Kim Kardashian.

The only thing people love more than pics of Beyoncé in maternity clothes these days is memes of Beyoncé in any kind of clothes whatsoever. Her style choices are always incredible, and in a recent gallery shared to Instagram, we get to see the icon during a night out in a gorgeous red ensemble — plus all the handbag and shoe details you could desire:

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The gallery also included a picture of Beyoncé pointing at a menu while talking to a waitress who was probably living her greatest dream. Obviously, the Internet doesn’t see a picture like this and let it just pass by. Soon, Beyoncé’s menu question was being memed within an inch of its life:

What do you think she was asking? Maybe it was more of a statement. Like, “I am the greatest entertainer who has ever lived, bring me one of everything.”

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