Beyoncé Showed Off Her Baby Bump at Her Mom's Easter Party

Their holiday looked surprisingly normal (aside from the super famous guests in attendance).

Since Beyoncé announced her pregnancy with twins sent to Earth to save us all, we’ve been living for her baby bump pictures. During her pregnancy with Blue Ivy, the pop icon was dogged by conspiracy theories about faking her pregnancy. This round she seems to be enjoying making it clear to all that she is carrying her children:

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What better time of year than spring to show off one’s fertility! Over the weekend, Beyoncé skipped Coachella and headed to mom’s house. Miss Tina Lawson has a very fun Instagram account, because she seems like a goofy mom who just happens to have one of the most famous people on the planet as a daughter:

Happy Easter Everyone!

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And look at this image, celebrating family and also the continued growth of Beyoncé’s offspring and ALSO a truly amazing outfit:

3/4th of my girls❤️ Missing 1/4 at Cochella😌 My Solo❤️❤️Bianca

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So, what else do celebrities do on holidays? It looks like they mess around on Snapchat and make boring converstaion on the porch:

This is fun! Go to bed Tina 😀

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Easter memories❤️

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It's no Coachella, but it is family.

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