Okay, Babies, Now Let's Get in Formation: 5 Puns to Get You Through Beyoncé's Pregnancy

These already mega-famous twins deserve some pre-natal wordplay.

Beyoncé is pregnant with twins, and it's bringing all kinds of her lyrics to mind. Maybe it's babies on the brain, but they sound a little bit different these days... 

1.  I don't think you're ready for this belly, my body's too Bootylicious for two babes

If her body was already too "Bootylicious"  a big double bump will provide a new kind of motherly symmetry.

2.  Okay babies, now let's get in formation

We don't know how far along in baby "Formation" she is, but by 12 weeks, her twins should each typically be about two inches big.

3.  We feed again in the morning, your breastesses are my breakfast

If Jay-Z gave his memorable "Drunk in Love" line to the kids, it might sound something like this.

4.  Baby boy, you stay on my mind, fulfill my need for three

Bey hasn't revealed the twins' genders, but she said in an interview while pregnant with Blue Ivy, 5, that she'd like to start a boy band. Maybe she will someday be able to do that with her own son?

5.  You make me wanna throw my stroller out the window

If you're looking for a congratulatory gift to send the parents, consider "Bugaboo" a maker of luxury strollers favored by celebrity parents.

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