You'll Never Guess What Bobby Giancola's Tattoo Sleeve Used to Look Like

The #BelowDeckMed yachtie once had some very different ink.

When we're not being mesmerized by Bobby Giancola's six-pack, we can't help but admire his sick tattoo sleeve. Yes, the Below Deck Mediterranean yachtie has a pretty sick sleeve of ink almost all the way down his left arm. 

If you haven't been able to get a good look at Bobby's tat, the deckhand did us all a favor and explained his ink when he stooped by The Daily Dish HQ this spring. The ink serves as an ode to his former occupation as a firefighter, featuring a leather helmet, a skull, smoke, and flames.

But actually, Bobby's tattoo is covering up another epic set of ink with which he originally adorned his arm. "It was a Ghostbusters sleeve, because I'm obsessed with the '80s, and I loved Ghostbusters growing up," Bobby revealed to The Daily Dish. "I really like '80s colors and bright colors."

A post shared by Bobby Giancola (@bgcola28) on

A post shared by Bobby Giancola (@bgcola28) on


Bobby said that he had one tattoo artist draw the iconic images from the beloved film, including Slimer, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd's characters, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. However, when he went to another artist to add some color that would "pop," the artist "decided that the work that was already on there wasn't to his standard, and he didn't want to put his colors on that," the deckhand explained. Bobby wanted to have the ink done before he set sail for Season 1 of Below Deck Med, so he decided to get a firefighter-inspired tattoo in the style of the movie Sin City with mostly black-and-white ink with some colorful accents.

New ink to the arm w/ @j0hnnyflash #nixon5130 #nixon

A post shared by Bobby Giancola (@bgcola28) on

A post shared by Bobby Giancola (@bgcola28) on


These days, Bobby's tat is an ever-evolving masterpiece. "Then I'm gonna actually add some more colors in the back," he said. "It's always a work in progress." 

Find out how Bobby keeps his body a beautiful canvas, below.

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