Heather Dubrow Seeks Terry's Help on Botched: Find Out What "Hideous" Thing He Removed

Get the details of the #RHOC wife's appearance on her hubby's show.

Even Real Housewives of Orange County's Dr. Terry Dubrow doesn't always get things right on the first try. So when it came time for the plastic surgeon to remove a "hideous growth" from his wife Heather Dubrow's hand for good, he decided to put her under his knife. And lucky for everyone, the whole procedure took place on his E! reality show Botched.

Prior to the surgery, Heather explained that Terry had previously tried less invasive measures to remove the growth, including burning and freezing, but nothing seemed to work. She also revealed that whenever she tries to talk to Terry about medical issues at home, "he's not that interested." So in order to get him interested, she scheduled a surprise appointment.

It was during that pop-up consultation that Terry decided to take a surgical approach to treating his wife. And, of course, Heather couldn't help but gush about her hubby's skills. "My husband's an incredibly well-trained surgeon," she said. "I would not trust anything on my body to anyone else but Terry, for many reasons." Let's hope it worked! (Or, she might be giving Dr. Paul Nassif a call...) See more from the episode below. 



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