Bravo GIF Bag: If Teresa Giudice Were a 'Top Chef' Judge

How would Tom Colicchio react to a Real Housewife at Judges' Table?

Top Chef Season 11 launched in New Orleans this Wednesday! The 19 cheftestants—yes, 19!—got their first taste of Judges' Table as Tom, Padma, Gail, Emeril, and guest judge Curtis Stone got a taste of alligator, frog, and turtle. Oof.

But of all the awesome moments in the premiere—Emeril waking the chefs up with beignets, Tom calling Padma "Swamp Queen," etc.—the greatest was probably the most subtle. At Judges' Table, Curtis dares to disagree with Tom. 

Tom, how did you feel about it?


Oh, no, Curtis...


But, seriously, what if the guest judges disagreed with Tom all the time?! What if a fairly argumentative person, like, say, a Real Housewife were a judge, like, say, Teresa Giudice? WHAT WOULD THAT LOOK LIKE?!


Oh right.

Curtis isn't lookin' so bad now, huh?

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