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Bravolebs React to the Nastiest Music Feuds of the Summer

We're taking a look back at this summer's biggest beefs, one Bravo GIF at a time.

The weather may have been scorching, but nothing was as hot as this summer's social media feuds. Chart-toppers from all genres couldn't resist the urge to head to Twitter to voice their opinion — and from there, boy, did things get tense. No one was immune to it, from a former boy bander and an EDM megastar, to two of pop's leading princesses, to a set of rappers, these folks all spit disses as well as rhymes. Here's a little recap of what you may have missed, as told by Bravoleb GIFs. 

Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris

The recap: Former One Direction singer Zayn decided to weigh in on the music streaming debate this week by retweeting some opposing comments made by Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus on the matter. That tweet was then perceived as a dig of sorts at Taylor by her beau, Calvin Harris, who had some words for Zayn. The guys then had a heated back and forth, which included this particularly interesting jab at Calvin: "So I suggest you calm your knickers before them dentures fall out." Eventually, Calvin did and the guys settled the beef. Let's hope a collaboration comes of all the drama. 

At first we were like:

Now, we're all like:


Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj


The recap: Imma let you beef, boys, but this is one feud we never saw coming. After the MTV VMA nominations were announced, the two ladies took their opinions to social media. Initially Nicki felt like her "Anaconda" video was snubbed in Video of the Year category. From there, Taylor felt like her comment ("If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year") was somehow directed at her (since her video is nominated in the category). After Nicki clarified she wasn't directly talking about Taylor, they decided to end the drama. You know the best way to settle a beef? By performing together. We'd love to see that happen. (The show is only a couple weeks away!)

At first we were like:

Now, we're all like:

Drake and Meek Mill


The recap: Ruh roh! This beef started after Meek accused Drake of having a ghostwriter. From there, there was a flurry of interest from fans and fellow musicians, as well as the folks who work with both rappers. For his part, Drake released some tracks in response. Meek later released his own track (to lesser acclaim). You know what the best diss record is? When you put all the dissing behind you and collaborate. Pretty please?

At first we were like:

Now, we're all like

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