Bryan Cranston Reveals He Lost His Virginity in Amsterdam's Red Light District

James Lipton went deep with the Breaking Bad star, who shared details of his "awful and wonderful" first time.

"We went to Europe for a month. It cost us like seven or eight hundred dollars, if you don't include the prostitutes," recalled Bryan Cranston. No, not  Walter White. Bryan Cranston. 

We learned quite a lot about the Trumbo star from his Inside the Actor's Studio visit. From the Breaking Bad scene that still makes him cry to why he's an ordained minister, and what it was like to play Tim Whatley on Seinfeld, Cranston did not hold back — but this anecdote might just take the cake. When James Lipton asked the Emmy winner about his time in Europe, we had no idea it would include a teenage romp in the Red Light District. 

Cranston proceeded to tell the entire sordid story, starting with being a shy young man who was coaxed by his buddies into Amsterdam's naughty neighborhood, and ending with literally being pulled into a room where, well, the deed was done. He called the encounter "awful and wonderful" amid uncomfortable giggles and applause from the audience. They do say going abroad can be life-changing...

Watch the re-telling above in our digital exclusive and try to not blush. 

Below, check out Cranston showing off his Breaking Bad tattoo in the Actor's Studio.

Inside the Actors Studio
Find Out How Bryan Cranston Got His 'Breaking Bad' Tattoo
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