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Cameran Has Some Advice for the Crew When It Comes to Thomas and Kathryn's Drama: 5 Clips You Need to See

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Oh, the chatter never ends when it comes to Kathryn C. Dennis and Thomas Ravenel. In fact, their (former) relationship and their ongoing issues to figure out how to be good co-parents to their two kids was a hot topic during a dinner party on Southern Charm on Monday night. And, no one held back when expressing their takes on the former lovers. We're breaking down some of the buzziest moments in The Daily Dish Morning After.

1.  Southern Charm

Everyone has an opinion about Kathryn and Thomas and their future in the co-parenting space — well, everyone except Cameran Eubanks, who has a fresh take on their ongoing issues. "I think, personally, until they get their stuff sorted out, we all need to stay out of it."

2.  Not Exactly a Dear John Letter

But, could a reconciliation be in the future for Thomas and Kathryn? Well, what Kathryn shared in her letter to him floored the father of her two kids, in fact, he said it "blew me away."

3.  Oh, It Never Ends

Speaking of that letter that Kathryn wrote, well Thomas wrote one back. Hear more about it during next Monday's Southern Charm at 9/8c.

4.  Southern Charm Savannah

What. A. Drag.

5.  Taking the Stage

See No. 4.

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