Shep Rose Knows Exactly Why Cameran Eubanks Is Ready for Motherhood

The #SouthernCharm pal has some first-hand experience with her softer side.

Now that Cameran Eubanks is expecting her first baby, there's one person that she's been taking care of for years who knows that the Charleston real estate agent has long been ready to take on the role. That person is, of course, Shep Rose, who she has been a de facto mother to, as one Southern Charm fan on Twitter pointed out.


Shep previously opened up about his pal's abilities as a mother earlier this spring to The Daily Dish. "I think she'd be great and she's a dork anyway," he shared. "She stays home anyway, so she might as well just have a little rugrat running around."


And while Cameran has shared she might give Whitney Sudler-Smith a call if she should need a babysitter, Shep would also be down to help. "No one's ever asked me to babysit, believe it or not," he said. "But I'm sure I'd do it — as long as they have a phone charger."

And while Cameran has previously been apprehensive about the idea of motherhood, as we saw on Monday's episode, it's a role she's definitely getting more and more comfortable with (clip below).

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Cameran Eubanks is starting to realize that maybe she does want a baby.
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