Cameran Eubanks Regrets Not Being There for Kathryn C. Dennis During This One Moment in Season 5

Ahead of the reunion, the Charleston Charmers reflected on the turbulent season.

Season 5 of Southern Charm may be a wrap, but viewers' heads are still reeling from all the drama that went down. And just as fans are still processing all the rifts, tiffs, and winter balls, so are the Charmers themselves — not, it must be said, without a couple of regrets along the way. 

In the clip above, watch the Charleston crew spill the tea on what they regret the most from the last season of the show. 

Austen Kroll copped to a big regret right away, while Chelsea Meissner admitted that she could have been a little softer on one of her cast mates. One cast member confessed to being "kind of hammered in a couple of scenes," while Cameran Eubanks wishes she could have been in Hilton Head for one key incident that took place there. Kathryn C. Dennis had a regret that many will find surprising, while Ashley Jacobs admitted that she can be quick to get heated. Watch the clip above to get the whole scoop! And check out a sneak peek of Part 2 of the reunion, airing Thursday at 9/8c, below.

Southern Charm
Your First Look at Part 2 of the Southern Charm Reunion
How many times did Shep and Kathryn really hook up?!
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