Captain Lee Rosbach Is Definitely Not Impressed with This Season's Below Deck Crew

The #BelowDeck boss throws a little bit of shade to make his feelings known.

If there's one thing we can count on every season of Below Deck, it's that Captain Lee Rosbach will always give it to us straight when it comes to his feelings about the crew — and he usually does it in a stern yet sassy way. 

Well, Season 5 of Below Deck has just kicked off, and it's already proven to be no exception. When one Below Deck fan commented that Captain Lee didn't seem to be impressed with the crew in Tuesday night's episode, deckhand Bruno Duarte reacted by saying that his boss is "never impressed," along with a smiley face emoji.


Then, Captain Lee explained why he doesn't seem pleased with the crew's progress so far this season of Below Deck.  "I'm never impressed with mediocrity," he tweeted in response to Bruno, adding "#havetodomorethanshowup."


So will the Valor crew members be able to redeem themselves in the eyes of Captain Lee this season? Let's just say if this preview of Tuesday night's episode at 9/8c is any indication, it may take a little more time for them to get there.

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