Caroline Manzo's 10 Most Memorable Moments

From the Ham Game to her biting wit, the RHONJ star made her mark over 5 seasons.

Caroline Manzo has proven to be one of the boldest Housewives stars in years—not many have been able to match her biting wit or scathing put downs. She's also showed her softer side: who can forget the touching moment when she struggled with empty nest syndrome? So with the news of her departure from Real Housewives of New Jersey, we're taking a look back at some of her memorable scenes. "Whirlwind of stupid," anyone?

Number 10: The Ham Game
In Season 1, we were introduced to the rowdy Manzo brood. In fact, some of the best Manzo Moments from throughout the years have come from the interactions with her husband Al and their three children, especially when her kids started horsing around with pork products.

Number 9: Caroline Calls Danielle a Clown
Caroline's confrontation with Danielle Staub at the reunion was heartbreaking—"What you did was disgraceful," Caroline said through tears—but their sit-down at the Brownstone was also epic. The ladies agreed to meet to discuss Ashlee's transgression (she pulled out some of Danielle's weave). While Caroline recognized that her niece shouldn't have done that, she did provide us with this magical moment: "You're a clown."

Danielle tried to retort with metaphor, telling Caroline, "You say this, sitting there with red hair?" But she wasn't as nasty as Caroline, who fired back with the very literal barb, "When I called you garbage, I meant that you were garbage."

Number 8: Caroline and Dina's Rift
The bond between Caroline and her sister Dina Manzo had officially broken after Season 3, when Caroline revealed that Teresa had been making false claims to her sister. Caroline let out her true feelings in one easy statement: "You are full of s---."

Number 7: Caroline's Empty Nest
When her beloved boys, Albie and Chris, finally moved to Hoboken, Caroline suffered from a major bout of Empty Nest Syndrome. Her poor husband Al couldn't handle it!

Number 6: Caroline's as Italian as...Olive Garden?
When Teresa's Fabulicious cookbook came out, she made a few digs that really irked Caroline. So what ticked off Caroline the most? Teresa claiming that Caroline is "as Italian as the Olive Garden."

Number 5: Caroline and the "Whirlwind of Stupid"
Caroline certainly has a way with words. So if the phrase "Whirlwind of Stupid" is ingrained in your head forever, you'll know who to blame.

Number 4: Caroline Educates Teresa
Another reunion gem comes from Teresa's accusations that the Manzo kids never worked. When Caroline responds, she lets it out straight: "Look at my face 'cus I'm gonna educate ya!" Teresa responds by criticizing her physical appearance: "Blubber, blubber, blubber!"

Number 3: The Manzos and Moo Shu the Pig
When Caroline's sister Fran came to visit, she brought her bevy of barnyard animals too. The Manzo home turned into more of a menagerie than a mansion—and it also introduced fans to the season's unlikeliest breakout star: Moo Shu the Pig!

Number 2: Caroline Kicks Kim Out
While the scandal over the Christmas Cookie Incident was major, Caroline's brawl with Kim G. at the holiday party was monumental. Caroline even went as far to kick Kim out of the house, even though it belonged to someone else!

Number 1: Meet Caroline Manzo
There would be no Magical Manzo Moments without a proper introduction. And on a recent Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen took the Manzo family on a trip through Housewives history. Thanks for memories, Caroline!

What are your favorite Caroline Manzo moments through the years? Tell us in the comments.

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