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OMG! Chris Brown Is on Below Deck This Season: 5 Clips You Need to See

See what's buzzing on #BelowDeck and #ANightWithMyEx.

Can you believe that Chris Brown found time in his schedule to pop up on Below Deck this season? No, not that Chris Brown! We, of course, are referring to one of Captain Lee Rosbach's deckhands who has joined the crew on the Valor for Season 5. And he's quite the character. See what we mean, below. We're breaking down some of the buzziest moments in The Daily Dish Morning After.

1.  Below Deck

Forget about the speculation and gossip surrounding that Nico Scholly and Brianna Adekeye hookup; we can't keep our eyes off of the "Chris Brown project" getting his flirt on (clip above).

2.  No Sex in the Champagne Room

Below Deck
Chris Brown was Celibate?
Find out why he waited so long to have sex.

Or any room in Chris' case for quite a long time...

3.  Siesta, Siesta

Below Deck
Chris Brown Gets Caught Napping on the Job
This is not going to go over well with Captain Lee...

Chris has learned that napping when Captain Lee needs you to, like, you know, be working may not be the best idea.

4.  A Night with My Ex

A Night with My Ex
Courtney Isn't the Only One Who Misses Nick
Courtney's daughter also went through a breakup of sorts.

Breaking up is hard to do... even if you're not exactly in the relationship.

5.  Getting to the Bottom Of It

A Night with My Ex
Is Nick Sorry or Sorry He Got Caught?
Courtney still isn't sure how far things went between Nick and his co-worker.

What really went down with Nick and his coworker? That's what Courtney wants to know on A Night with My Ex.

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