Craig Conover's Girlfriend Naomie Olindo Fully Supports His Law Career: "It Doesn't Matter If He Passes or Fails"

The #SouthernCharm girlfriend is on Team Craig, regardless of those bar exam results.

Craig Conover is still feeling the repercussions of his Season 3 reunion revelation that he hadn't actually finished his thesis paper for law school as he previously told his Southern Charm crew. In fact, Shep Rose confronted him about it during a trip to the batting cages during Monday's Southern Charm. Luckily, Craig does have one person in his corner as he takes the next steps in his life: his girlfriend, Naomie Olindo.

She and Craig recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight to chat about their relationship — and how she's there to support him no matter what. “I think you'll see me put a lot more pressure on him. I was just trying to encourage him, and trying to make him do, you know, what I thought he wanted to do," she said. "I did though [have confidence in you]. I just wanted you to do one thing at a time."

Whatever path Craig (who recently did finally take the bar exam) does end up going, Naomie's got his back. “At this point, it doesn't matter if he passes or fails,” Naomie said. “I'm just proud of him for working so hard and taking it.”

Shep recently spoke to The Daily Dish about his friendship with Craig, noting that his concern about his pal's future stems from the fact that he really cares about him. "I don't have any issues with him. He just, as my mom would say, 'He'll tell a lie when the truth is a better story,' you know what I mean? And it's not harmful to anybody on earth 'cause he's got a good soul. He just sort of messages the truth for no apparent reason sometimes. And, look, I call people out. That's what I do, and it means I care, I think," Shep said. "I mean if I don't care about you, I just won't even say anything."

Find out what else Shep had to say about Craig, below.

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