Dorinda Still Upset with Heather After Naked Man Fiasco

The #RHONY star sounds off on Twitter and reminds us that "NO PENIS is worth all this bulls**t." 

On this week's Real Housewives of New York, the world was finally introduced to the "uncool" moment that inspired Countess Luann's pop song, "Girl Code." As the story goes, when Luann and Ramona Singer invited some guys over to their vacation house in the Turks and Caicos, Heather Thomson felt uncomfortable the following morning when she discovered one of the gentleman in the nude. From there, drama ensued, prompting Luann to utter the now-famous line, "Be cool. Don't be all, like, uncool."

On Tuesday night (July 15), Dorinda Medley was all over Twitter sharing her (pretty hilarious) reactions to the argument over the naked gentleman caller. Relive the moment here, then check out what Dorinda had to say about all the fuss.

So what did she think of Luann's philosophy on the art of being cool?

And, finally...

Check out more from the "uncool" episode below.

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