Has Working as a Plastic Surgeon Made Dr. Terry Dubrow Self-Conscious About His Looks?

The #RHOC plastic surgeon reveals how his work has impacted his own appearance.

As the wife of a plastic surgeon, Heather Dubrow is sometimes asked if she feels self-conscious around her husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow. But considering the fact that Terry makes a living out of helping people look their best, can be seen on TV in shows like The Real Housewives of Orange County, and he just published his first book with Heather all about the best anti-aging treatments, it makes you wonder if the good doctor ever has doubts about his own appearance. 

When The Daily Dish recently caught up with Terry, he said he didn't exactly "feel pressure" to look a certain way, but seeing himself on TV has made him feel self-conscious about his appearance. "We just finished Season 3 of Botched and Botched by Nature. We shot them at the exact same time. So normally I work out six or seven days a week, and I eat perfectly. I just follow Heather's diet. But I was on the road, and I was in the operating room literally seven days a week," he explained. "I got fat, I got out of shape, and I saw myself on TV and I thought, 'Wow, you're fat. Your hair looks terrible. Your nose is drooping down to the floor. Those are all three things you should do something about.' So you do start to think about it, particularly when you see yourself all the time on television."

That's a problem when watching yourself on TV is your "favorite pastime," as Heather put it. So Terry decided to get back in shape, resuming his seven-day-a-week workouts and losing the 14 pounds he said he gained during filming. "I mean, you start to think about it, particularly when you get a little older," Terry said. "And, you know, a dentist shouldn't have bad teeth. Well, a plastic surgeon probably shouldn't look disheveled and should look like he's trying to hang on." 

Well, we think Terry and Heather always look amazing, on- and off-screen. These lovely photos of the couple prove it.

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