Eat Drink Love’s Jessica: I Grew Up White Trash

Jessica Miller opens up about her past.

The ladies of Eat, Drink, Love obviously take their food pretty seriously. But sometimes, things get a little too serious.

On next week's episode, Jessica Miller has a slight breakdown over when the girls criticize her for bringing chips and dip to a party. (She claims they said she should have brought a homemade dish.)

Sadly, the diss brought up painful memories from Hopper's childhood. And she reveals that she didn't grow up in a fancy home. "[I] grew up white trash!" she says while choking on tears. "I have been working my whole life to get away from it!"

"I think that Jess is just a little bit extra sensitive right now because of losing her job," Jess's friend dishes in the clip. "Normally I don’t think she would have overreacted the way she did."

And there might be some truth to that statement. "My job is my identity," says Jess, whose world was crushed when she was fired. "And now that that has been taken from me, I don’t know what that leaves."

Do you think the girls were unfair in criticizing Jessica's chips and dip? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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