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Ellen DeGeneres Declares This Pants-Wetting Prank on Matt Lauer Her Favorite So Far

It's not easy to top turning the TODAY host into a 50 Shades of Grey extra, but she thinks she's done it.

Ellen DeGeneres gets such obvious delight out of pulling pranks on her friend Matt Lauer that she may have secretly wanted Ashton Kutcher's job back in the Punk'd days. In a battle that's now lasted a few years, she's used the magic of technology to dress Matt up in a leather harness for a 50 Shades of Grey cast interview and turn him into a stripper for the Daytime Emmys. He famously responded with a ping pong revenge prank. But she revealed that her most recent prank, which aired Wednesday on Ellen, is her favorite so far — and it wasn't fancy at all.

After discussing their forthcoming 60th birthdays and some important anniversaries — 20 years hosting TODAY for him, 20 years since she came out on television — Ellen disarmed Matt by asking about Savannah Guthrie's musical taste, which he doesn't like. She then scared the literal pee out of him when a Savannah impersonator (actually, her co-executive producer) jumped out of a box disguised as a coffee table.

"It's so petty, it's so childish," a clearly shaken Matt said. "You promised! Now I wet my suit."

"That was my favorite so far," she replied. "We must watch that again, it was one of the best."

It looked like the two had called a truce in January, mutually agreeing to target Jimmy Fallon instead, but now it is once again on and popping. Your move, Mr. Lauer.



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