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Fabio Viviani Celebrates Back to School With Some Chicken Parm Goodness

The 'Top Chef' fave makes the kid-approved dish, and has fun doing it.

Fabio Viviani has a history when it comes to cooking fried chicken for kids, thanks to a batch of chicken fingers he whipped up during a kid-themed Top Chef episode. Nowadays, post-competition, he's a bit more comfortable with children, and he's still able to make chicken into a downright delicious-looking meal.

What's the key to Fabio's chicken parmesean, the one iconic southern Italian bird-based meal that's become an American staple? Well, it involves -- in Fabio's words -- using the "punishment side" of a meat mallet. The tenderizing side is employed, and per Fabio: "The best way to pound your chicken is when it's not looking."

Want to learn how to make some rock star chicken parm? Watch Fabio in the video, and get ready for a whole new dose of Fabio when Life After Top Chef hits Bravo in October!