Fashion Queens Pick the Top Style Icons of 2013

Bevy Smith and Derek J reveal the best-dressed stars of the year.

Every Sunday, Fashion Queens' Bevy Smith and Derek J sound off on their favorite trends and celebrity fashion looks. But who are their favorite style icons of the year? Read on to find out.

Derek J's Top Picks

fashion-queens-season-2-2013-picks-bevy-Taylor Swift
Taylor always looks glamours and timeless when she hits the red carpet.

fashion-queens-season-2-2013-picks-bevy-Solange Knowles
Solange has awesome personal style and dosent mind taking risk.

fashion-queens-season-2-2013-picks-bevy-Zoe Saldana
Zoe always looks good. She pulled out all the stops during her press tour for Star Trek: Into Darkness.

fashion-queens-season-2-2013-picks-bevy-Kerry Washington
Kerry is such a style maven. She can do no wrong!

fashion-queens-season-2-2013-picks-bevy-Khloe Kardashian
This voluptuous bomb shell knows how to embrace her curves and she does it with great style.

fashion-queens-season-2-2013-picks-bevy-Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer's style evolved this year but she took the cake for me at the Oscars. She looked stunning.

fashion-queens-season-2-2013-picks-bevy-Selena Gomez
Selena is not a little girl anymore. She has embraced her sexiness and is not afraid to show it.

This style rebel does what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants and you have to respect that.

fashion-queens-season-2-2013-picks-bevy-Lady Gaga
Gaga and her style stunts are epic. I love the fact that everytime she steps out in her costumes there's always a meaning and purpose behind it.

Bevy Smith's Top Picks:

fashion-queens-season-2-2013-picks-derekLupita Nyong'o
For bursting onto the scene with an amazing performance in 12 Years A Slave and giving Hollywood red carpets some much needed that a read?

fashion-queens-season-2-2013-picks-derekTilda Swinton
For embracing her androgydnous looks and wearing clothes that challenge the intellect and spark conversation.

fashion-queens-season-2-2013-picks-derekCharlize Theron
For starting the new year off nicely at the Oscars with a buzz cut, which created a short hair trend (see Michelle Williams, Pam Anderson & unfortunately Jennifer Lawrence).

fashion-queens-season-2-2013-picks-derekKate Middleton
Taking a nod from Princess Diana's legacy, she's at all times perfectly well dressed but with an edge, a pop of color, a fascinating fascinator. She makes a royal statement.

fashion-queens-season-2-2013-picks-derekKerry Washington
From her TV character, Oliva Pope, to her red carpet looks, it would be a Scandal to not include the divine Kerry Washington.

fashion-queens-season-2-2013-picks-derekKate Hudson
She remains a fresh faced California girl (even though she's 34). She looks good in Boho chic & red carpet sleek.

fashion-queens-season-2-2013-picks-derekJennifer Lawrence
Although her short hair cut made her look like a soccer mom, her style was all A-List starlet, she's the face of Miss Dior and I j'adore!

fashion-queens-season-2-2013-picks-derekVictoria Beckham
She may not wear a smile, but she damn sure wears her epoynomous collection with style & grace.

fashion-queens-season-2-2013-picks-derekLebron James
Over the years basketball players have been known for wearing outlandish and oversize clothes, LeBron has refined the athlete style game. He's a champion on the court and on the red carpet.

fashion-queens-season-2-2013-picks-derekAmy Adams
Old-school glamour, harkening back to Rita Hayworth, the original redhead Hollywood siren.

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