Five Sting Secrets Revealed on 'IAS'

Why did the Police break up? And what did he really mean by tantric? The singer tells all.

Sting, like Madonna or Cher, is one of those fascinating mythical one-name-only creatures that only gets better once you go down the rabbit hole. It doesn't get much deeper than a night with James Lipton on 'Inside the Actors Studio.' We've gathered the five most surprising and fascinating things about Sting we learned from that magical evening.

No. 1 - How Sting Became Sting

We'll rethink that awful sweater our grandmother makes us wear at holidays now.

No. 2 - Why The Police Broke Up

Sometimes Sting's gotta do what Sting's gotta do.

No. 3 - Who is Sting's 'Roxanne'?

Apparently, she's Cyrano's too.  

No. 4 - What Sting really meant by seven hours of Tantric sex

So wait, how long is this movie?

No. 5 - Why is 'Every Breath You Take' so darn popular?

Ah, it's the stalking factor. And this was before Facebook! 

Now that you know the inside scoop on all things Sting, check out his amazing rendition of The Police hit 'Message in a Bottle' -- because what's more revealing than a live performance?

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