Shereé Whitfield Has a Message for Son Kairo's Potential Suitors: "Stay Back, Cougars"

The #RHOA mom has some words for those who have their eyes on her model son.

Shereé Whitfield's little boy, Kairo, isn't so little anymore. The college student/athlete has definitely blossomed into a dapper young man. In addition to dabbling in modeling, The Real Housewives of Atlanta kid is also studying at Morehouse College, and despite making a mistake (he was arrested for a DUI, as fans saw on Sunday's RHOA), he's focused on the opportunities that are currently coming his way, according to Shereé.

"It didn't seem like it was that long ago that we were on TV, so when I see the playbacks of the kids on the show, they look like they were tiny. So now you have this huge 6'5'', 6'6'' guy, super handsome — he's his mom's son, but I'm super proud of Kairo. As a teenager we've all made mistakes, and I just love how he's not letting that one mistake define him," Shereé told The Daily Dish. "He's excelling in school, and he's a student athlete. He's getting into modeling, so he's taking that mistake and building off of it in a positive way."

She added that her son told her he is no longer acting the way he did that night and is staying away from marijuana. "I'm not with him all day long now. He says he's not doing that anymore," she said.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Bob Whitfield's Thoughts on Marijuana
Bob and Sheree have an interesting sit down with Kairo after his DUI.

Now for anyone who may have watched RHOA and developed a bit of a crush on Kairo, his mom says he's single and ready to mingle — but there's a catch. "I get so many questions about Kairo, not only from young women [but also] from older women, the cougars," she said. "So stay back, cougars. But, yeah, Kairo's very single. He's young. I just want him to have fun."

Check out throwback pics of the Whitfield family, below.


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