Gigi Hadid Reveals a Hilarious Modeling Mishap

Yolanda's daughter dishes on an embarassing moment shooting the Swimsuit Issue.

There are many things Gigi Hadid revealed about herself in a candid, new interview: she likes to wear bikinis when she hits the beach, she enjoys a good game of volleyball and her favorite emoji is one where the character sticks out its tongue.

But surely there must be one little skeleton in her closet—and she's finally opening up about a modeling mishap that left her blushing.

"I didn't tell anyone when I peed in the ocean during my shoot!" she tells Buzzfeed of shooting this year's Swimsuit Issue for Sports Illustrated. "I shot with a horse and he was following me on the beach, and he untied my bathing suit! I caught it in time, though. They have it in video."

I didn't tell anyone when I peed in the ocean during my shoot!

Gigi Hadid

In addition to that unexpected detail, Yolanda Foster's little girl also gushed quite a lot about Beyoncé, who she not only considers her celebrity girl crush, but also listens to her empowering jams while modeling.

"Anything Beyonce," she said. "Beyonce makes me feel like I AM Beyonce, which always helps."

[Source: Buzzfeed]

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