Gina Kirschenheiter Says Ex Matt Kirschenheiter Has Built a "Rapport" with One of the OC Housewives

 "She's like the only one who can testify to the fact that he's real," the RHOC newbie said.

Gina Kirschenheiter's divorce from husband Matt Kirschenheiter has downright baffled The Real Housewives of Orange County ladies this season. Many in the SoCal squad have wondered why, if they loved each other and their relationship was still going strong, would they want to call it quits? 

This has just added to the mystery surrounding Gina's soon-to-be-ex-husband, who wasn't able to appear in Season 13 of RHOC due to his job. But there is one OC Housewife who has perhaps been able to gather some pieces to the puzzle as the only one among the bunch who has met the elusive Matt. 

Gina told The Daily Dish during an interview in October that Emily Simpson was the only OC Housewife who had met Matt, as of that time. Emily got to hang out with the couple at a charity walk this fall. "She feels privileged, she says, because she's like the only one who can testify to the fact that he's real. So they laugh, they joke about it. And then she also jokes with him, like gives him crap because she wants him to come and film so that he can come kind of take some of the heat off of [her husband Shane Simpson], which I think is hysterical," Gina shared. "So it's kind of cute, the rapport they have with each other. But no, none of the other ladies have met him."


Unfortunately, it sounds like Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd missed their chance to meet Matt in the flesh — for now, at least. "He was gonna come with me to Tamra's birthday [in September]," Gina said. "But he had to get back up [to Los Angeles] for a meeting." 

Here's to Matt meeting the rest of the OC Housewives one day, because we all know that this crew plus significant others equals an always-entertaining mix.

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