Here's Why the Golden Globes' Official Cocktail Is...Dangerous!

Stain-prone stars: You've been warned!

Stars headed to the Golden Globes on Sunday might want to rethink their wardrobe selections.

It turns out that the signature cocktail served at one of Hollywood's biggest annual parties is going to be bright red this year! That seems like a bit of a dangerous choice, given it could be a recipe for highly visible spills and stains during a fully televised dinner event, for which guests borrow multi-thousand-dollar gowns.

(Paging tumble-prone Jennifer Lawrence: We'll be watching you!)

But nevermind the potential for party fouls: The drink sounds (and looks) divine.

It comes from Moët & Chandon, which has been the official Champagne of the awards for a full quarter-century. Local L.A mixologist Karen Grill won a competition to create the drink, and referenced one of her favorite movies as her inspiration: The Wizard of Oz, and those famous ruby red slippers.

The Champagne and vodka-based potion's raspberry, citrus and tarragon shrub give the drink its tart kick — plus its coloring. Tarragon serves as a garnish, a nod to the color of the Emerald City. And a long lemon twist recalls the Yellow Brick Road.

Overall, think of it as a cinematic take on a French 75. Here's how to try it at home:

The Official Cocktail of the Golden Globes

Moët Ruby Red by Karen Grill

3/4 ounce lemon juice
3/4 ounce tarragon, raspberry, citrus shrub (see recipe below)
1 ounce vodka
2.5 ounces Moët & Chandon Imperial
Pour the lemon juice, shrub and vodka over ice in a white wine glass. Top with Champagne and garnish with fresh tarragon and a lemon twist.

To make the shrub:
2 cups raspberry purée
2 cups apple cider vinegar
4 cups cane sugar
1 lemon peel
4 sprigs of tarragon
Bring ingredients to a simmer on a stovetop. Then remove from heat and let cool.

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