Gretchen Rossi Ready to Marry Slade Smiley?

"If he asked me to marry him tomorrow I would say yes," says Gretchen.

Sure some of Gretchen Rossi's castmates -- OK, most -- have expressed concern over her relationship with Slade Smiley. She's even talked openly on the show about her worries about his financial situation, but is Gretchen finally ready to "lease" this option? Or, better yet, is there going to be a Mrs. Tubba Wubba (and little Smileys) in the immediate future?

"If he asked me to marry him tomorrow I would say yes," she told Wonderwall. "But that's not what's important to me. What's important to me is that we are in that loving, committed relationship, and I hope one day that includes children."

As for now, the only bundles of joys in Gretchen's life are her burgeoning businesses -- a handbag collection, beauty line, and shoes to name a few. "Right now I'm focused on my businesses and growing those," she said. "When the timing is right, we'll move on to that step of our life."

And when that step does come... it'll be interesting (to say the least) to see how fellow 'Housewives will react. If it's anything like the upcoming reunion (tune in this Sunday and Monday at 9/8c!), she is in for one bumpy ride:

For more of what Gretchen is saying (and what her castmates might be saying about her), check out our Tweet Tracker.

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