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Holy Lips! The #KylieJennerChallenge Takes Off

Plus: Rihanna hits a wedding, 'Fuller House' is a go and more viral news.

What's going viral? Who's been the top trending topic on Twitter? And what are the news stories that had us obsessed today? There's plenty of can't-miss stuff out there beyond our Bravoverse. And every day, we're rounding up all the must-see stories, Tweets, Instagrams, YouTubes, Vines, and more in one handy place. Enjoy!

The #Kyliejennerchallenge Goes Viral

Warning: Do not try this at home. Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian clan, has been attracting attention as of late for her exaggerated pout. Rather than go the traditional route (read: the overapplication of lipliner), fans are taking on an alternative, albeit unsafe, method. The #KylieJennerChallenge has officially gone viral, where fans take small glass containers and suck until it results in larger lips—often along with bruising and swelling. Ouch. Despite its negative side effect, the hashtag is alive and well and fans are sharing the results on social media.

What's In Princess Diana's Will?

Royal-philes are now getting a look at what Princess Diana included in her will prior to her tragic death in 1997. For a small fee of $15, you can get access to the will (and many others including Winston Churchill and George Orwell) through a British government site. As for what's in Di's will? She reportedly left the majority of her approximately $32 million dollar fortune to her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. She also stipulated that her mother, Frances Shand Kydd, be consulted when it came to raising her sons.

Rihanna Is An Amazing Bridesmaid

Note to everyone: When you get married, you might want to make sure Rihanna is in the wedding party. Bad Gal Riri was a bridesmaid in the wedding of her assistant Jennifer Rosales and her beau Aaron David. The wedding reportedly took place in Hawaii on Monday—and leave your 4/20 jokes at the door please...Or don't, because Riri clearly looks to be puffing on something! And now, it's Rihanna's candid, fun photos from the event that are getting the most, ahem, buzz. Just keep doing you, girl!

bridesmaids. #davis420wedding

A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

#Davis420wedding @badgalriri

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Taylor Swift Is Tall, But Wins Shorty Award

She needs to really make room on that mantle! Taylor Swift took home a Shorty Award this week for "singer with the best social media presence." And to thank her fans, she rapped some lines from Young Buck's "Shorty Wanna Ride," because...Taylor Swift. But the musical stylings of the Shorty Awards didn't end there. Bill Nye (you know, the Science Guy) also got in on the action by dancing to the song "Love Machine." 

'Fuller House' Is Coming to Netflix!

Just weeks after it hit the rumor mill, Uncle Jesse (or John Stamos, if you prefer) has confirmed that the Full House spinoff is officially confirmed. The show will debut in 2016 on Netflix. The 13 episode series will focus on D.J., Stephanie and Kimmie as the leads. Stamos confirmed the news on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he pledged that if he can't get the actual Olsen twins, he'll have Jimmy dress up like them. We do think he'd look great in boho chic clothes.


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