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Yes, People Are Still Upset Over the How I Met Your Mother Finale

But Neil Patrick Harris is here to defend the controversial ending on #WWHL.

How I Met Your Mother's series finale will go down in history as one of the most divisive ends to a TV show ever. Yes, nearly three years later, people are still talking about it, and no, some of them are still not happy about it. 

But HIMYM star Neil Patrick Harris is not one of those guys. In fact, he was more than happy to defend the series finale when he appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. "I would've ended it the exact same way," NPH said when a caller asked how he would have ended the show. "I was very pro the finale. I thought that the writing was fantastic. I loved that as the show went on, it went from sort of juvenile, adolescent twentysomethings into people in their 30s and through that they grow, and you realize that people are more complicated than they first seem to be. So I was a big, big fan of it." 

In case you were wondering, Bob Saget, who narrated the show as older Ted Mosby, also praised the HIMYM series finale during a previous visit to the Bravo Clubhouse. "I love the show, and I thought they did a really beautiful job," he told Andy Cohen.

Watch What Happens Live
Bob’s Take On ‘How I Met Your Mother’
A WWHL viewer calls in to ask Bob Saget what he really thought of the recent “How I Met Your Mother” series finale.

As for whether or not we'll see more of HIMYM in the future, NPH thought it was a little too soon when he appeared on WWHL in 2015. "Everyone's kind of gone off and are doing their own stuff," he said.

Watch What Happens Live
After Show: A ‘How I Met You Mother’ Reunion?
Part III: Andy Cohen asks actor Neil Patrick Harris if he sees a “How I Met Your Mother” reunion in the near future.

But if or when they decide to get the whole HIMYM gang back together again, we'll be ready. 

Watch Neil's fellow WWHL guest B.J. Novak dish on the possibility of a revival of another beloved TV comedy, The Office, below.

Watch What Happens Live
B.J. on Steve Carell's Tweet
Actor B.J. Novak tells Andy Cohen what he thought about Steve Carell’s tweet that wrongly announced the return of “The Office,” and B.J. says if there has actually been talk of a return.
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