Bubbas Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney-Schwartz's First Meeting Didn't Go as Planned

The #PumpRules newlyweds break down the origin of their love story -- and unique nickname.

Now that Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney-Schwartz are living in wedded bliss, some folks might be wondering the origin story as to how this whole crazy love affair got started. Well, it turns out we all have Kristen Doute to thank for their meet-cute. Well we might be skipping ahead to the cute part since the first time they met one another Schwartz, without realizing that it was supposed to be the night he was meeting his future wife, brought a date -- that wasn't Katie -- to the encounter.

"But he had a girl with him, that was the funny part was that finally I'm meeting this guy that supposedly wants to meet me, that's so perfect for me, and he's got a girl with him," Katie recalled to The Daily Dish.

"The very first night there was no spark," Tom added, "But the second night I was introduced to her and given a little backstory, that's when it clicked."

As Katie will tell you, their low affair simmered at a slow pace. They met in June and didn't have their first official date until September, which was a Vampire Weekend concert. "It was romantic but fun," Tom noted.

And that brings us to their famous nickname for each other: "Bubba." "Bubba started from babe. And then it went from Babe to Baby to Bebe... to Bub to Bubs to Bubba," Katie said of the backstory of their pet name, which we've watched them say to one another for years now on Vanderpump Rules.

"And then Bubba, it just sort of stuck," Tom added."It felt right without thinking about it too much or dissecting it."

Celebrate the Bubbas and watch some highlights from their wedding, below.

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