Captain Lee Rosbach Discusses the "Horrific" Aftermath of Hurricane Irma on His Home in Florida

"There's so much damage down there, I can't describe," the #BelowDeck boss shared.

Captain Lee Rosbach shared his experience with Hurricane Irma before, during, and after the storm hit his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Instagram earlier this month

However, no photos or videos could truly capture the "horrendous" aftermath of the storm. "Irma was one pissed off lady. I mean, she was hot, and she came through to our West down about Cudjoe Key and just decimated the Keys. There's so much damage down there, I can't describe," Captain Lee recently shared with The Daily Dish in the video, above. "If you took a thing of pickup sticks, that's what the boats looked like down there. They're just stacked everywhere." 

Outside on our patio this am.

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Some of the aftermath and it's not over yet. Could use a break.

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A little tour to see what a Cat 1 storm will do and we were lucky 🍀, sooo lucky.

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Captain Lee said that Fort Lauderdale got hit with Category 1 hurricane winds. He was without power for 10 days before it was restored at the end of last week. "Things that you take for granted [were] just snatched away. Some people didn't have water, long lines for gasoline, if they had any. I mean, generators, just electrical power, air conditioning, forget that. And it was all 95-plus every day. So when you're just sitting in the house and sweat's just pouring off you and no fans, all your food in your refrigerator's gone down the tubes. When [the power] comes back on, you're grateful," he said. "Some people are going without it right now and won't see power for maybe months because the infrastructure has been so damaged. It was pretty horrific."


At about 400 miles wide, Hurricane Irma's impact was felt by all Floridians. "The whole state just got pounded relentlessly for two or three days," Captain Lee said. "So it's kind of a mess, if you're being polite."

Many of Captain Lee's Below Deck crew members expressed their sadness over the storm's devastation on social media, including Kate Chastain, who evacuated to Orlando during the hurricane. They also encouraged others to help those affected by the natural disaster.

Please help those affected by this monster storm, if we don't, than who?

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To help those affected by Hurricane Irma go to redcross.org, call 1- 800-RED CROSS or text the word IRMA to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

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