Inside NeNe Leakes' Glam'baby's Third Birthday Party!

The Glam-ma goes all out with a 'Frozen'-themed bash for her granddaughter.

Last week NeNe Leakes took to social media to ask a kid-friendly question on behalf of her granddaughter: What is Frozen?

Now we know why! The self-proclaimed “Glam-ma” was on a mission to make her granddaughter’s third birthday party the most swagged out extravaganza in honor of the popular Disney flick — and it looks like she achieved her goal!

"My Glam’baby is having her 3rd Birthday Party today and she loves Disney Frozen!” she wrote on Instagram over the weekend, accompanying an overflowing shopping cart with Elsa- and Anna-related toys and accessories. “I love to spoil her! Frozen it is damn-it!”

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Birthday girl Bri’Asia definitely celebrated in style. The toddler rocked a princess crown, a Frozen bathing suit, and some blue frosting on her nose during the party. “Miss Disney Frozen been doing the most today!” NeNe wrote. “I’m 3. I do whatever I wanna do.”

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NeNe has always been a natural at being a Glam-ma — especially when it comes to teaching the baby girl about shopping. In honor of Bri’Asia’s birthday, let’s take a look back at some special Glam-ma and Glam’baby bonding time.

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