Is Adrienne Maloof Thinking Spinoff?

RHOBH star floats "The Bickersons" via tweet.

Heads up, Andy. We think Adrienne Maloof's hinting that she wants the Bethenny treatment.

"If @DrPaulNassif and I had a spin off show called 'The Bickersons' would you watch it??" The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tweeted to her 93,000-plus followers.

Their responses? "absolutely! Reminds me of my marriage (minus the Beverly Hills and money part) but otherwise identical!" one fan tweeted back. Another responded, "um of course. Duh! :) yall should get one of u doing ur shoe line n him performing surgeries."

Adrienne's been extra family oriented in the Twitterverse lately. She recently tweeted a photo of herself and the other half of The Bickersons smooching on their wedding day and captioned it, "looking at old photos and taking a walk down memory lane :) thought you guys might like this one :-)." She then added another picture of the newlyweds dancing and wrote, "@DrPaulNassif can drive me crazy but I'm crazy about him :-)"

Adrienne then strolled even further down memory lane when she shared an intimate family photo. "kicking it old school :-) Here's a family portrait from years ago. I'm the little baby in red. Family will always be a priority in my life," the mom of three boys wrote.

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