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Is Khloe Kardashian Using Clever Ways to Disguise a Maybe Baby Bump?

Or, are we just over analyzing candid moments? You decide.

With no official word coming from Team Khloe Kardashian about those pregnancy rumors, we admit that we might be looking at her recent photo ops for some clues or hints that the speculation is true.

So when Kim Kardashian posted a recent Twitter snapshot that featured Khloe's hand covering over her midsection, it made us wonder if she was using her hand to, perhaps, cover up a growing bump. In another photo, posted to Kim's Instagram and taken on what appears to be the same day based on their wardrobe choices, Khloe's older sisters stand in front of her body seeming to cover up any hints that there might be a little baby boy (per the latest gossip) growing inside of her.

Take San Fran...?

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In fact, when Khloe recently appeared on camera with Kylie Jenner (who, coincidentally, is also rumored to currently be with child), they were shot from the chest up — and the camera never panned below to their midsections.

Then again, if a recent outing proves anything, maybe Khloe is getting more comfortable showing it off. Stay tuned...

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