James Lipton Spends Rosh Hashanah With ... Brandi Glanville?! Exclusive Details

It's a new year, and a new head-scratchingly awesome Bravo friendship.

Words cannot express the random-but-fantastic nature of the photo above, showing Real Housewives of Beverly Hills vixen Brandi Glanville spending a lovely Rosh Hashanah dinner with none other than Mr. Inside the Actors Studio himself, James Lipton. Wait, what?

We connected with Miss Glanville on Tuesday morning to get some details as to how this all happened, and it turns out it was kind of by chance. Brandi tells The Dish via email: "I saw him at the Polo Lounge and stalked him for a picture." She goes on to say that James "was very kind then he his stunning wife and two friends sat next to us in our booth."

Apparently they hit it off: "I was dining with my super model friend Susan Holmes," Brandi tells us, adding that James "introduced me to his wife and two friends. His wife is stunning. I have been a fan of his show since before Housewives existed. As I was leaving I said goodbye and did an impression of him. We had a laugh and that is really it. It was short and sweet. He is such a legend! :)"

And here's Brandi's tweets from Monday night where she could barely contain her excitement:


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