Why Didn't Jax Taylor's Navy Training Help Him During that Near-Death Experience in Big Bear?

Find out why the SURver struggled in the water and nearly drowned during that group trip.

As you might recall, Jax Taylor served some time in the Navy back in the day. He first opened up about that time in his life back in 2016 in an interview with Complex, sharing he joined after some attending Michigan State University and community college; he dropped out of school and then entered the Navy "because he had nothing else." 

He later opened up to The Daily Dish about his Navy career, telling us, "I was in the Navy for four years and I was stationed in Norfolk, VA, on an aircraft carrier called the Roosevelt. I was a specialist. I drove special forces around, Navy SEALs, and stuff like that." 

But all that training was nothing when he came face to face with the altitude during a Vanderpump Rules getaway to Big Bear. When he went for a swim, he nearly drowned — and now we're learning even more about that scary moment from Jax himself during the Vanderpump Rules After Show, as you can see in the clip above, and the question as to why he didn't implement his Navy training during the moment came up — and you can see what he had to say, above.

And you can check out the moment again, below.

Vanderpump Rules
Jax Is Drowning...Literally
Jax needs to be saved by a lifeguard in Big Bear.
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