Where Do Things Stand Between Jeff Lewis and Ryan Brown Today?

You're not going to believe it.

One of the most famous falling-outs in Flipping Out history was between Jeff Lewis and his ex and then-business partner Ryan Brown. The two ended their personal and professional relationship after, to make a long story short, Jeff accused Ryan of not sharing business with him that was actually meant for both of them. (Ryan previously gave his side of the story in a blog on Bravotv.com.)

Now that it's been several years since Jeff and Ryan ended their friendship, where do things stand between the onetime Flipping Out colleagues today? Jeff gave an update during a recent appearance on the podcast Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald. "We had a very long friendship. Now, actually, we're friends again. I mean, not close like we were," Jeff shared. "He's in L.A., and I was able to see his daughter recently, and they came over to see the baby." 

Jeff said that he and Ryan decided not to dwell on their past drama. "This was maybe two years ago. We sat down at a restaurant and had drinks and had a really nice time and caught up," he recalled. "We never mentioned what happened. We just never mentioned it."

The Flipping Out dad said that he never imagined that the two of them would be able to get back to a good place. "It was kind of a Vicki [Gunvalson]-Shannon [Beador]-Tamra [Judge]-situation — well, I thought — where it was irreparable damage and I had no interest in reconciling. But then it's been many, many, many years since then. And I ran into him at the gym. And then we just started talking and then we went and had drinks," he explained. "So we're friendly again. But I've forgiven. I have forgiven. You know, you don't forget, but I have certainly forgiven and moved forward."

These days, Ryan runs his own design firm, Brown Design Group, with his partner Diego Monchamp. 


Get even more deets on Jeff's reunion with Ryan, below.

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Jeff on Reuniting with Ryan Brown
Jeff Lewis talks about reuniting with his former partner and “Flipping Out” co-star Ryan Brown after they had a falling out at a reunion show years ago.
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