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J. Lo's Dramatic Reading of "Baby Got Back" Is Award-Worthy

The singer's spin on the classic track is a must-see. 

Long before Kim Kardashian's derriere earned a place on the list of the greatest butts of all time, Jennifer Lopez had everyone buzzing with her equally-ample shape. But even before J.Lo burst on the scene, Sir Mix-A-Lot was rapping all about "a round thing in your face" on 1992's "Baby Got Back." The ultimate ode to curvy girls everywhere is now getting the dramatic reading it so desperately needed by Jennifer herself. Because really could you think of anyone more equipped to have a little fun with the classic tune? Frankly, we can't.

Wow, pure poetry.

And here's the original, in case you want to do a little comparison shopping.


BTW, you can check out some more photos of Ms. Lopez and her booty, below.

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