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Hot Mom Spotted on the Streets of NYC During Sultry Facetime Session

And now we really want to know what she was chatting about.

When it comes down to it at the end of the day, there are mere mortals and then there's Jennifer Lopez. And, if you're Jennifer Lopez, you make even Facetiming look like it's as glam as a red carpet premiere. While on the Brooklyn set of her show Shades of Blue, the actress took some time out from filming to Facetime. And we clearly don't know who she is Facetiming with, but based on the air kisses and the hair tussling, we're thinking she may have been chatting with her boo, Alex Rodriguez, because that is some flirty Facetime action right there. But this is, of course, complete conjecture.

 Photo: RTimages / Splash

 Photo: RTimages / Splash

What's not conjecture is how fab J.Lo managed to look doing one of the most mundane tasks around.

 Photo: RTimages / Splash

We are not worthy.

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