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Is Jennifer Snowden a "Genuine" Friend to Kathryn C. Dennis? 5 Emotional Moments You Need to Check Out

See what's buzzing on #SouthernCharm, #SweetHomeOklahoma, and more.

Best friends forever? Kathryn C. Dennis and Jennifer Snowden shared quite an emotional lunch on this week's Southern Charm, which featured the two former pals trying to figure out where they stand these days. There were tears and confessions. So, just another day in Charleston. We're breaking down some of the buzziest upcoming moments in The Daily Dish Morning After.

1.  Southern Charm

Jennifer and Kathryn hashed things out, and it gets real. "I feel like I've done so much more beyond this to prove that I'm a good friend to you and that's not fair," Jennifer told Kathryn. "You have been a good friend to me," Kathryn adds. "There's just some things that I disagree with."

2.  Dream a Little Dream


Southern Charm
Craig Shares His Dreams With Naomie
But it doesn't seem like she's on board...

Renovate a house, start a clothing line, begin his law career... Craig Conover wants to do it all. And Naomie Olindo is feeling stressed out about it. Maybe he should take a step and release to figure it all out?

3.  Sweet Home Oklahoma


Sweet Home
Jen and Josh Get Tarot Card Readings
Find out what's in their future (and who's holding Josh back)!

Jennifer Welch takes a look into her future... and the psychic taking her down that journey is spot on. "I'm kind of impressed with Debra's psychic abilities with the tarot cards," she said. "I mean, she is really hitting some things that are a little too close for comfort."

4.  Belle of the Ball


Southern Charm
Patricia Altschul Dishes on the Met Gala
The Southern Charm matriarch reveals one of her most "fabulous" dates.

The fact that Patricia Altschul has been "to at least 10 [Met Galas] over the years" only confirms our suspicions that she leads the most glam life... ever.

5.  Some Familiar Faces

Throwback Bravo
The Housewives' Most Memorable Friends
Look back at some of the infamous besties that have graced The Real Housewives.

Did you think we could look back at some of the Housewives' most memorable pals and not remember Faye Resnick? Yeah, we didn't think so.

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