Jerry O'Connell Calls The Real Housewives the "Glue That Bonds" Him to Wife Rebecca Romijn

This Hollywood couple fell in love over their shared passion for all things reality TV.

Let's face it: Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn have the kind of Hollywood marriage we all envy. They are not only totally in love with one another and have a picture-perfect family (dogs included!), but also totally feel equally-passionate about all things Bravo. And it's that romance with The Real Housewives that has helped this couple thrive.

"You want to know the secrets to our marriage? We both actively watch every Housewives franchise and we talk about it," Jerry recently shared with The Daily Dish, noting reality TV has always been an active hobby for them over the course of their 14-year romance. The couple married in 2007, one year after Vicki Gunvalson and the SoCal crew first hit Bravo's airwaves.

"But it was the Housewives. I mean, I guess Orange County was the first one, right? And we would watch it," he said. (In fact, it was the first one.) "And I remember my wife was like, 'You have to watch this show.' And I was like 'I'm not watching that show. I'm not watching it.' And we have a television in our bedroom and we started to watch it and it became the glue that bonds us."

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