Jon Hamm on Kathy Griffin

The 'Mad Men' star says he has at least one thing in common with the funny lady.

OK -- I'll admit it. I've been searching for days, nay, weeks to find a connection to Mad Men. I'm newly obsessed, and am probably driving my colleagues nuts, but I can finally shut up about it because one of my editors sent me an e-mail last night with a link to this article describing an interview the Mad Men star did with ESPN's The Sports Guy.

In it, Hamm says, "If I win two Emmys, which I'm not going to, it will be just another thing I have in common with Kathy Griffin." ANOTHER THING? WHAT'S THE FIRST THING?! Seriously, guys, I'm stumped. Did he do stand-up?

Well, anyway, good luck to both Jon and Kathy! And please please please leave a comment below if you know what he's talking about.

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