Jonas Brothers Give Justin Bieber Advice

Nick Jonas says troubled pop superstar needs to go through a "period of growth."

If anyone understands the pressures and pleasures of being teen stars, it's the Jonas Brothers, a pop trio who had girls screaming (and fainting!) at their feet when they weren't old enough to drive. So on last night's Watch What Happens Live, one viewer wanted to know what the group thought about the most famous (and famously troubled) teen in pop right now: Justin Bieber.

"Boys will be boys, I guess," Joe says.

Nick Jonas, who's 20 years old (just one year older than Bieber) explained how he's different from the dude who recently urinated in a bucket rather than a men's room: "I like to think of myself as a man."

Turning serious, Nick added an explanation. "Everyone has to go through a period of growth," he says. "I think he's in that period now and I wish the best for him, because I think he is a talented person. But he just has to get through a season of growth."

Watch the Jonas Brothers chat about Justin Bieber and tell us in the comments: what advice would you give Bieber today?

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