Did Rob Lowe Accept Kate Beckinsale's Fan Mail Marriage Proposal 30 Years Ago?

Either that, or a 13-year-old Kate had one big celebrity crush.

We all dream of writing to our celebrity crush and actually receiving a response. But few of us actually realize that dream. And even fewer of us go on to become a famous person themselves who can then publicly share their crush encounter. But actress Kate Beckinsale may fall into the very narrow overlap of this Venn diagram. On Tuesday she shared a photo of an old postcard to Instagram, supposedly from her idol, Rob Lowe.

She captioned the post, “EITHER I was a really tragic 13 year old with time on my hands OR Rob Lowe was all kinds of casual proposing marriage via a postcard of himself, signing his last name AND drawing a d*** instead of using a stamp .(found at my mum's house).”

So...is it from Rob Lowe? The penis stamp would indicate it wasn’t sent through the mail, but that’s also a weird thing for a 13-year-old to write on her forged love letter. The message on the postcard reads, “Dear Kate, Yes I will marry you. See you soon. Love, Rob Lowe xxxxxx.”

Hmm, maybe this is more of a glimpse into the teen Kate’s mind than Rob the Heartthrob. But if Rob did send messages like this to fans in the '80s, there’s going to be a lot of disappointed middle-aged women reading this post and crying, “I thought I was the only one!”

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