Ouch! These Are Kate Chastain's 7 Greatest Twitter Takedowns

The Below Deck chief stew can accomplish quite a lot in 140 characters or less. 

Below Deck fans know that Kate Chastain isn't one to hold her tongue while aboard the Valor, but the chief stew also has frequent bouts of Twitter fingers, using the powerful social medium to issue scathing takedowns of shipmates or anyone else who gets in her way. Behold some of her most stunning takedowns:

1.  Kate vs. Chef Leon Walker

Kate feuded with Chef Leon Walker all throughout Season 3, but it wasn't enough for her to  just talk about it on television. She took the argument to Twitter in 2015, and offered her take on his work attitude.


After a dramatic Season 3 reunion, during which you could cut the tension between Raquel "Rocky" Dakota and the rest of the crew with a knife, Kate later issued a series of tweets questioning Rocky's character and what she perceived to be lies that Rocky told on-camera, including being friends with Leon.

3.  Kate vs. Social Media

Spend too much time obsessing over social media? Kate's got a term for ya.

4.  Kate vs. Last Minute Dates

You're not special. Check the time.

5.  Kate vs. Bruno Duarte

Kate's exasperation with what she deemed a "green crew" in Season 5 made its way to Twitter, when she called out Bruno Duarte for his inexperience in yachting. Bruno then responded by saying Kate had blocked him.

6.  Kate vs. Malia White

Malia White from Below Deck Mediterranean found herself on the receiving end of Kate's Twitter fury in July after Kate watched her kiss crew members Wes Walton and Adam Glick during the season.

7.  Kate vs. Everyone

Kate unleashed catty font recommendations for each crew member this summer, and while Malia's is particularly scathing, Kate's not making any friends here.

Need more of Kate's razor-sharp wit? Tune in to her new podcast, After Deck with Kate Chastain. Check out the latest episodes, below.

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