Kate Chastain Regrets Keeping in "Constant Contact" with Her Ex-Girlfriend on Below Deck

"It really added unnecessary stress to my already stressful life onboard," #BelowDeck's chief stew said.

It's been challenging for Kate Chastain to keep in touch with her then-girlfriend Ro Hernandez while on charter this season of Below Deck. If you thought you had trouble connecting to WiFi, just try doing so while you're out at sea. 

But Kate somehow made it work. Her ex even joined the crew for some fun in the sun during a day off. However, Kate said during a recent interview with Starry Constellation Magazine that her one regret from this season of Below Deck was staying in such close communication with Ro. "While I didn’t let my personal life get in the way of my job as Chief Stew, I do wish that I had not given in so much to the demands of my significant other at the time to stay in such constant contact," she said. "It really added unnecessary stress to my already stressful life onboard and I think it kept me from bonding with my fellow crewmembers in our downtime." 

Kate went on to explain that she did so in an effort to keep things good back home. "At the time I was just trying to keep the peace so I didn’t return home to anger, but I’ve since learned that significant others should only be supportive rather than temperamental and that sometimes 'keeping the peace' is an unhealthy sacrifice," she said. 

The chief stew has since called it quits with Ro, and she revealed to The Daily Dish earlier this month that she is currently single and has "no idea" if she would continue to date women in the future. She also said she's contemplating getting back into the dating game. "I live in a small town right now, so it's kind of slim pickings, but I'm not exactly looking either," she told The Daily Dish. "There's a cute boy that moved in next door, but he has a black cat and he likes to play beach volleyball, so I'm like, maybe not." 

Well, love is certainly in the sea breeze this season, and Kyle Dixon's girlfriend will arrive to meet the crew in Tuesday night's all-new episode of Below Deck. Check out a sneak peek, below.

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Kyle Dixon's Girlfriend Arrives
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